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The Original Catherine Archer Sampler


The Catherine Archer Sampler

Stitch Count: 346 x 360

Many of you will be familiar with this image as I have carried it around with me for years – it is a a real treasure. This original piece of stitching was worked by Catherine whilst she was a pupil at Ashley Down, the Muller Orphanage in Bristol. I have visited the Muller Trust on a number of occasions and looked around the little museum and it can still bring a lump to my throat.

Catherine was born in Northumberland and lost her mother when she was three weeks old. Her father kept her till he died three years later and she found herself in the Bristol Orphanage when she was seven years of age.There are a number of books written about George Muller, who, originally a drunk and a thief, became a Christian and devoted the rest of his life to these poor children. Even in his 90s, he was still preaching around the world. Muller was accused of robbing the mills of the workers as he insisted that both boys and girls would learn to read and write. When a child left the Orphanage, he or she took a suit of clothes, a Bible and usually had a job as well.

I have used small sections of this sampler before and examples of these are available to buy as kits. but this is the first time the complete project has been charted, just as Catherine stitched it. I am grateful to CSG Member, Jane Napier for all her hard work as she charted this using a magnifying glass!

Catherine’s Sampler is available as a chart only, on 32-count Belfast linen over one thread, on 28-count Cashel linen over two threads and 16-count Aida over one block Go to Charted Originals for more details

Date posted: Thursday, October 2, 2008


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Oh dear, Jane, you have put another temptation my way. Such a beautiful work of art. Hope you have copies to sell at Ally Pally.
Love, Brigitte

Comment by Brigitte Gant on Saturday, October 4, 2008

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