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October 2nd, 2008

The CSG Sampler Book


The Sampler Book

sampler-book-side-panel.jpg    sampler-book-f.jpg


Samples of the Pages


Detail from the Hardanger Page

This  exquisite project was designed and stitched by Sue Hawkins, our first Technical Director and has been worked over the past year, usually at Together We Stitch Events.  Sue has decided that now that the book is complete, it should be available as a CSG Project available to all and not just those able to join us at our events.  As a result, you can now buy the complete kit and reproduce the book or adapt it to make it your own.  Go to Special Counted Projects to order on line.

The original idea came from a visit to the Museum of Art & Industry in Copenhagan, where we were shown a 18th Century book sampler (rather like a child’s rag book) and Sue was simply inspired. The book is made up of a linen cover with a folded hem,which is fairly plain so you can decorate it at will. There are a further six pages using different techniques including pulled and drawn thread, Hardanger, hemstitch, counted thread stitches and pure cross stitch. Simply a treasure – we are very grateful to Sue Hawkins for all her hard work over the past twelve years and particularly for this lovely project.


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It was much easier getting at weekends & in the post - not so noticeable. I've got all the bits now ...

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