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June 22nd, 2010

I cannot believe latest news on my new book!

Grumpy Greenoff here

I have just heard that the new book has not actually left the Far East where it was printed! This means it may be the end of July before it arrives. I am so sorry – I am very, very cross!

To those of you who have ordered in advance – we have not processed any cards or cashed any cheques so please bear with us. I will post out the day our copies arrive

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Does this mean that those of us (me) who misplaced the little paper in our "Stitch That" still have a ...

Latest comment by: Marilyn Sackheim on 23-6-2010 at 19:48:20

May 27th, 2010

New book is running a bit late!


The New Cover

New Picture

Sample pages

I have heard from Search Press, the UK Publishers, that my order for hundreds of copies of this book will not be with me until the end of June. I am sorry about this.  Many of you have pre-ordered this book so I do apologise. I have not processed any credit cards or banked any cheques as yet- We have Jiffy bags poised and will send out the day they arrive. You will notice that it has a new title since I included an image in our Stitch That! Ho Hum – who am I but the Author……

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What a great idea to have the stitched versions side by side with the charts, as seen in some of ...

Latest comment by: Jeanne on 6-6-2010 at 03:29:07