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Jane Greenoff writes…

liberty-needlework-department1.jpgAs I am sure you realise, I have spent the last few weeks working on the new web site and designing and stitching projects for the next copy of Stitch That (due to be posted at the end of March) so I have been a bit pushed for time! It was actually relaxing to go by Oxford Tube to London to visit the Needlework Buyer at Liberty.liberty-of-london.JPGAt least I was doing one thing at a time! I have been continuously supplying Liberty for over 24 years – difficult to believe. I can remember my first visit as if it were yesterday. I was travelling through London from my home here in Gloucestershire to Kent with the intention of surprising my father on his 60th Birthday. I had made an appointment with Amanda Sherwin, the needlework buyer, telling her that I could spare her a few minutes between changing railway stations! I am still amazed that she agreed to see me. I had to do all this without mentioning my visit to my husband who was very nervous about dealing with large London stores.I remember arriving and the lovely scent as I walked through the gorgeous shop, the atmosphere and the feeling of butterflies in my tummy! I told myself that I was just going to see behind the door marked private! That was the beginning of my long and very happy relationship with this lovely shop.Keep an eye on my Journal for events involving Liberty later in the year.

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Date posted: Monday, March 10, 2008

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