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Issue 80 of Stitch That is on its way…..

As I am updating my Journal pages, I am having difficulty concentrating on the work in hand. As some of you will have seen from Twitter, Bill and I are leaving for India on Monday morning. He surprised me with this as part of my 60th Birthday celebration and I am so excited……. I have ironed all my linen clothes, sorted stitching for the plane and bought a new camera so I will have loads of pictures to show you when I get back.

We are away for 10 days but the office will be manned during my holiday and so feel free to call. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I thought you would like a preview of some of the projects in Stitch That which is winging its way towards you as I write (Stitch That is our Members magazine posted five times a year – go to Join Us) As promised, there is a skein of Madeira stranded cotton in your parcel as well as your magazine and an advance order form for my new book which will be published in June.

Papal Basilica of St Francis of Assisi

Papal Basilica of St Fancis of Assisi

I have included an Assisi project inspired by the city of the same name where this type of counted embroidery is thought to originate.  Bill and I visited the walled, hill-top city whilst on holiday with our son and his wife where we saw Assisi embroidery in use in local homes as well as for sale to tourists.

Assisi 2

Assisi Tile

I thought it was time to indulge ourselves in a little pure cross stitch and so I have included two flower studies this time as well as a a pretty floral idea for our linen tote bags.

peoni 2

The Peony

Bag 1

Needles Prayse Tote Bag

The linen pocket tote bag materials pack will be available to Members in Members Treats very shortly

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Date posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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The iStitch is here


Supplied in a DVD Case

We have been anticipating the arrival of my new cross stitch design program for a while – the trouble is that everytime you think it is finished, you think of something else to add to it…. Like Topsy it just grew and grew! We now have supplies and are starting to post. I am very pleased with the end result and hope you will be too.

Chart and Diagram with key

A screen dump from my computer

You can see from the above picture taken from my computer screen,  that you can design in colour with black and white symbols, but you can also design and print in just colour or just black and white.

Example of My Stitches

Our comprehensive Stitch Library

The most important thing to remember about this program is that you can do anything I can do on your computer – you just need to ask the Help Menu the right question! The other very useful addition to the programm this time, is that you can import diagrams from our extensive Stitch Library so that you can produce very professional looking charts and remind yourself how to work the stitch at the same time. Go to Books and Media for more information

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Date posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Our lovely trip to Paris!!


Paris in April

We are back from our stitching holiday (safely thanks to travelling by coach and the Chunnel!) and I think I can say that everyone enjoyed our five nights in the city of Paris – we visited the Museum of the Middle Age and had chance to see the remarkable Cluny Tapestries. I think they came as a surprise to everyone when we turned in to the room and saw the size of the tapestries and the still rich colours! It was really good to be able to get really close to the stitching and see the details.

We spent three or four hours at Bonheur des Dames, probably the best needlework shop in France. Just bliss! After this we all went to a tiny restuarant where Bill and I had goose cooked in honey!


Bonheur des Dames

Out with the Vessieres

After the dinner with the Vessieres

Our second visit was to the Museum of  Toile de Jouy, just outside Paris, where our excellent English speaking guide, Isobel, took us through the processes of wood block printing and copper plate engraving. All very interesting as was the pretty, though rather costly gift shop!


Our last day in the city was spent wandering around the Estate of Versailles. The Palace is very beautiful but for me the grounds and ornamental gardens were fabulous.

waiting for the coach

As on all the stitching holidays, our guests have a themed pack of projects to stitch during the holiday and the minute we find a seat, out comes the stitching!

We broke our journey back to the UK by spending two nights in  Bruges and Bill and I took our favourite boat trip and had the compulsory hot chocolate. Oh well! Back to the diet….

Next year’s holiday is from 30th April to 7th May and we are going to Germany

We will be visiting the German Sampler Museum in Celle, Vaupel and Heilenbeck (Linen band people)in Wuppertal,  the Zweigart Factory Shop and the Madeira factory…. Lots and lots of stitching shopping!

More details will be announced shortly – if you are interested, do just send us an email and we can add you to our Tour Mailing List

Talk to you again soon

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Date posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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A few bugs in the system!!

I am afraid we are still having a few issues with our new database/website. If you find that you have a problem getting in to the Member’s Studio, I am sorry! The most likely reason is that you have a four letter surname! This seems to trip the computer every time.

We are on the case and I am hunting the culprit as I write!

I am now away from my desk till 17th April as I am on our stitching holiday- I can hear your teeth grinding from here. Maybe you can come with us next year when we are planning to visit the Madeira factory and going to a weaving museum in Switzerland. More about this anon.

Happy stitching!!

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Date posted: Friday, April 9, 2010

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And so we go on……

Extra pic of strand if room

Our booth at Olympia before customers!

Happy Shoppers

Happy shoppers!

Janet demonstrating

Our teacher Janet Simpson and cutting Hardanger again……

What an  amazing Spring we are having! After two very successful shows at Olympia and then at the NEC in Birmingham I have (1odays later) managed to catch up with paper work and start to prepare for our CSG Stitching Holiday which starts the day after tomorrow!

Yes – we are taking our group of stitching crazies to Paris for almost a week with all sorts of treats in store. We are vistiing the Museum of the Middle Ages to see the Cluny Tapestries and on to visit the Toile de Jouy Museum and a heavenly shooping trip to Bonheur des Dames. This is the store owned by Cécile Vessière, one of the most talented cross stitch designers in Europe. I cannot wait – I think I spent as much there last time as some of our group and that is saying somthing!

Since I last spoke to you, I have added some dates to my classes here at Pinks Barn – and I am still trying to arrange a stitching weekend at a suitable hotel but this is challenging even me…..

More stuff about our trip to France and Belguim when we speak again

Happy stitching

Jane G XX

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Date posted: Thursday, April 8, 2010

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