January 24th, 2011

Packing for the first show of the year……


The muddle in the conservatory

It is the start of the show season again and I started the ghastly job of packing up the stock this weekend. I know that when you come to visit us at one of the needlework shows, all looks fairly organised and calm but I am not sure you would believe the muddle and the mess before we set off. I do have recurring dreams that I arrive at a venue and I have left behind all the worked pieces or all the baskets and wake up in a cold sweat.

On Wednesday, Bill and I are driving down to Westpoint,  Exeter and setting up for Craft 4 Crafters which opens to the public on Thursday 27th January – fingers crossed for the weather!

Once the van doors are closed and we are on our way I feel better, probably because by then it is too late to add anything else….. There is always a temptation to get yet another project completed just in time for the show and then I am under pressure to get the stock made and so it goes on.


What would we do without squashy bags and baskets?

I did once count how many baskets I had in the loft space above the Studio and there were 127 in various sizes and shapes. The family know that if we pass a basket display anywhere I have to scout for more! Louise actually refers to the office as Wickers World!

Planning and packing for a show is always the same – I think I will get the stand or booth perfect this time and yet there is always room for improvement. Perhaps the last time I exhibit I will be satisfied!

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Hi Jane,26 Jan found a cross stitch project entitled Inglestone,Old Blue Tree.Query sent to the wrong person. Regards Liz ...

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January 19th, 2011

Working on Issue 84 of Stitch That

Hello again everyone,

I am sitting here in the Studio enjoying a day of bright sunshine and a crisp hard frost. The last week has been very difficult with dog walking more a dog sliding as the mud everywhere is just dismal. Biggles loves to roll is something smelly if he is not watched and has also taken an interest in having adventures! A week ago he was brought back from the next village where he popped in to the local pub! He had followed the river in the hope of meeting a certain lady dog and we were lucky that he was found and brought back safely.

Children's Cross Stitch

A picture from Issue 211  of Zweigart’s Needlework Ideas

I have, at last, managed to add a small section on Children’s Cross Stitch to the web site shop – We are not planning to create kits as yet but so have a good range of fabrics and this super book from Zweigart.

Happy stitching!

January 9th, 2011

A weekend of domestic bliss…..


Bumble proving that Beardies are expert at cute!

I thought it was about time to spend a bit of time working in Pinks Barn – the Christmas stuff went away on the 1st of January whilst I watched the New Years Concert from Vienna but the rest of the house had become a muddle. To give you an idea of how far behind I am – I bought and planted bulbs yesterday! Yep! Much reduced and shooting green things everywhere, I managed to find a selection of bulbs and some very tired looking winter pansies. After I had finished in the courtyard garden (or perhaps could no longer see what I was doing) I decided to sort my wardrobe, knicker  drawer and make up! Umm! Bill has suggested that I do not go shopping until October or perhaps I would like to open a shop of my own!

I am back in the Studio this evening and busy planning and stitching – sometimes I love my job!

I am busy with the next Stitch That magazine and also adding bits and pieces to the Sale Bin accessed by Members. This is the first time we have done this – Since we moved our business to the Studio at Pinks Barn, we have had to be very strict about what stays on the shelves and what does not earn the right to the space.

I have added some more stuff to the section called Jane’s Studio – I know many of our UK Members know the Cotswold area but I thought some of our fellow stitchers overseas would like to see more pictures -

Happy stitching Jane

January 7th, 2011

Where is the Sale Bin?

I am sorry to have confused you all. The link to the Sale Bin is under Membership and Members Treats on the left hand side. You need to be logged in to gain access.

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Thanks for that Jane, I looked everywhere and could not find it, will nip in and look now. Any news ...

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January 6th, 2011

At Last! Stuff in the Sale Bin

As promised, I have been making room on the shelves here at the Studio and some things have to go. Members have first furtle in the Sale Bin in the Member’s Studio and then it will be available to all.

More to follow as I get to the bottom of the pile

Happy Hunting!

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You need to be logged in and then click on Membership on the left hand side and the Sale Bin ...

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