February 28th, 2011

Lou has gone travelling!


Louise in her Bon Voyage outfit!

I must thank you all for your comments re my last posting – I really appreciate the support. What with one thing and another this has been a bit of a roller coaster time here at Pinks Barn. As you can see from the picture above – Louise has left the country – Bill and I took her to Heathrow today and she is gone for 12 weeks or so travelling in the Far East. She has been saving for a long time for this and I am thrilled for her, but it has been an emotional couple of days. Will talk again soon when I have cleared my desk.

Stitch That Issue 84 is with our Printer so will be with you very shortly. I will attend to all the mail order this evening and it will all go in the post tomorrow…..

Happy Stitching


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I hope Lou will have a fab time & returns safely. My son pushbiked round Europe for 6 months aged ...

Latest comment by: Brigitte Gant on 28-2-2011 at 19:00:43

February 24th, 2011

Stolen Moments Stolen?


Stolen Moments

I am sure you can all imagine how I felt when the worked model for the design pictured above went missing at the Trade Fair at Birmingham! I cannot imagine that a needlework retailer would take a worked model knowing how long these things take to do………but the fact remains that it was taken on Tuesday morning….

Grrrrr! Fortunately, it appears that Jane Herbert, one of our stalwart Members, is going to bail me out in time for the shows in March. I am so grateful to her!

I’ll talk again when I have calmed down a bit…

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Gutted for you Jane. Cant believe someone would be so mean and unkind. They will get their just rewards. Just ...

Latest comment by: Fiona Dunbar on 1-3-2011 at 23:17:20

February 10th, 2011

Being creative instead of on holiday in Florida!

Three Beaded Biscornu

Three Beaded Biscornu Pincushions

I made a promise to myself  that if we were going to be at home for 10 days instead of jetting off somewhere warm, I would treat myself to a few days designing and stitching. With Issue 84 of Stitch That off my desk and on Vivienne’s, I have a clear conscience. It is funny, you know- I still see stitching as a treat that has to be earned….

The three designs above will be four if I can get the shape of my daisy flowers without too many fractional stitches – not happy yet! These three are ready now and you can see more details by clicking on Beaded Biscornu

Indian Twist Group Stitch That 01-02-11 2778

Indian Twists

Having not be very pleased with my first attempts at this decorative shape, I cannot stop myself now! My little Indian Twists pictured above are tiny versions of this shape made as scissor keepers and inspired by my trip to India last year. If you go to the shop and click on the image you can see close ups of the individual items. These are stuffed with Chinese raw silk which is included in the pack.

Well,  back to the drawing board and tonight I am starting work on Fleur Antique – I am not telling you anymore as yet!

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I love your Three Beaded Biscornu Pincushions. Fabulous designs. Look forward to seeing your daisy design.

Latest comment by: Mary Joan on 21-2-2011 at 10:45:37

February 6th, 2011

So no Florida after all!

Copy of DSCN1097

Our Exhibition Stand at Westpoint Exeter


More of the same!

Having shown you the piles and pils of boxes in my last Journal I thought I had better show you what happens to it all. I was pleased with the space and we have a very good showe but so cold! I wore my coat all day for the first time ever and I had lost contact with my feet by eleven o’clock! The organisers did make improvements for the remaining two days and in the end it all went well. Bill came down to Exeter by train on the Friday evening and I collected him in  taxi and we went out for a meal. It was like having a proper date – what ever next!

Bill and I should have been off to Florida on Wednesday but we have decided that we must cancel this. Bill’s mother, who lives locally, is really very unwell and we would not have enjoyed our break leaving her in a bit of a pickle. I must admit to a certain amount of relief – I am so busy and things keep happening. I have had long discussions with the new Create and Craft Channel and well you never know what might be around the corner…. You will have to wait and see!

Flower Sampler Book Cover Stitch That 01-02-11 3036

The Flower Sampler Book

I am going to spend the rest of today completing the next issue of Stitch That which will include the last part of our lovely Flower Sampler Book. You can see the completed book above but you will have a to wait a little while to see the rest.

Happy stitching

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Sorry to hear about your trip . Hope all well with Vera now. Love to all. Hope Louise got off ...

Latest comment by: Fiona Dunbar on 12-2-2011 at 18:47:43

January 24th, 2011

Packing for the first show of the year……


The muddle in the conservatory

It is the start of the show season again and I started the ghastly job of packing up the stock this weekend. I know that when you come to visit us at one of the needlework shows, all looks fairly organised and calm but I am not sure you would believe the muddle and the mess before we set off. I do have recurring dreams that I arrive at a venue and I have left behind all the worked pieces or all the baskets and wake up in a cold sweat.

On Wednesday, Bill and I are driving down to Westpoint,  Exeter and setting up for Craft 4 Crafters which opens to the public on Thursday 27th January – fingers crossed for the weather!

Once the van doors are closed and we are on our way I feel better, probably because by then it is too late to add anything else….. There is always a temptation to get yet another project completed just in time for the show and then I am under pressure to get the stock made and so it goes on.


What would we do without squashy bags and baskets?

I did once count how many baskets I had in the loft space above the Studio and there were 127 in various sizes and shapes. The family know that if we pass a basket display anywhere I have to scout for more! Louise actually refers to the office as Wickers World!

Planning and packing for a show is always the same – I think I will get the stand or booth perfect this time and yet there is always room for improvement. Perhaps the last time I exhibit I will be satisfied!

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Hi Jane,26 Jan found a cross stitch project entitled Inglestone,Old Blue Tree.Query sent to the wrong person. Regards Liz ...

Latest comment by: Liz Gregory on 27-1-2011 at 13:47:47