January 4th, 2011

Changes to the site today

Happy New Year to you all!

Bill and I have been beavering away in the background and I will be uploading some new product pictures and the Sale Shop shortly. That was the good news…..

I am afraid the shop web site will be out of action for a few minutes later today as the correct version of all the prices are added and we do a few tweaks. It will not take long so please pop back later

Happy stitching until we talk again later

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Oh yes, the lists can be that long - mine is still gathering items. More come on the bottom than ...

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December 29th, 2010

A Happy New Year to you all!



(James Greenoff 27th December)

We wish you a healthy and happy New Year from all of us at the

Studio at Pinks Barn

I hope you have begun to recover from the Christmas excitement and things are calming down a little. We had a marvellous four day celebration with up to ten people around the table at any one time and  Louise’s friends adding to the sparkle.

Dog books tell you that Bearded Collies are expert at cute and this is no lie. Both dogs had a very festive time with lots of meaty treats and were spoiled rotten. Biggles fell in love and it took two hours to find him again….. I have added some more pictures to Bumbles page

Today, I have spent some real quality time and turned out the Studio and found all sorts of treasures. I feels as if my Ideas box has just exploded inside my head and I am having to be very disciplined to keep tidying and not to sit down and start designing.

I have promised myself that if the office is completely tidy at bedtime this evening, I can draw and stitch thro’ the rest of the holiday period.

Stitch That Issue 83 is out and about  and CSG Members should have received their copy by now. Not a Member? Go to Join us

The Book

The Flower Sampler Book

Over the past few months, our Members have been working a Sampler Book as shown in the picture above. We have been adding two pages in each Issue of our magazine and the final touches will be included in Issue 84 out shortly.


Issue 83 included Pattern Darning and Blackwork with hemstitch and pulled thread embroidery to follow. We will also show how to complete the book in Issue 84.

Happy stitching until we speak again!

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Happy New Year! My first year with the CSG and I am so excited. A year of wonderful stitchery lies ahead! See ...

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December 15th, 2010

Lavender Tumbles are ready


Lavender Tumbles

This is a brand new range of scented cross stitch projects which are supplied as complete kits.  Each Tumble is made up of three individual projects with a different design on each one. The completed sachets may be displayed as shown  below where they will scent a room or may be split up and used to scent drawers or linen cupboards.


Foxglove Tumble


Meadow Sweet Tumble

Each kit includes the pure linen, threads, lavender and the vintage style ribbon. You can see more views of the stitching if you go to Lavender Tumbles in the shop. We have plenty of stock so if you fancy one as a gift I can pop one in the post (1st class ) just in time for Christmas!

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Thanks for parcel Jane which arrived within hours. Happy Christmas to you both and the boys

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December 14th, 2010

And about the VAT increases!!

I am sure I do not need to remind you that the rate of VAT goes up after Christmas.

Bill and I will be playing good cop- bad cop and we will see where we can keep the prices the same – If you have a wish list I suspect that this is the time to go shopping!!

Books and Memberships will remain unchanged unless Mr Osborne  has any more bright ideas. Happy Stitching…..

December 7th, 2010

Where does the time go?

Since I last got in touch, Bill and I have been to Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, survived the snowy weather and repacked the car again the following week to attend the Christmas Lace Fair in Solihull. That we have been doing too much is an understatement to say the least.

I have my last event of the year here this next Saturday when I have my Stitching Day here at Pinks Barn. Lovely Mulled wine and the best local sausages you have ever tasted! It is possible that we will need to stitch with our gloves on but I hope not.

Issue 83 of Stitch That will be winging its way to you (all of you who are Members) next week and I hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoyed putting it together for you. As you can imagine I am up to my ears in Issue 84 and 85 – there is no end to it……..

By the time we reach the New Year, I should have some pictures of next year’s re-subscription gift – an idea from a member and a very good one..You will have to watch this space.

New Products


Nordic Beaded Biscornu

There are lots of new ideas coming up but here are a couple just to tempt you.  I have given in and I am starting a series of Biscornu – the funny quirky shape pincushions you see all over the place. This festive one  Nordic Beaded Biscornu above started as a Hardanger class at Pinks Barn and the Violet and Pansy design below is one of a series of four to be completed shortly.  The series will include Buttercups and Daisies, Strawberries, Violets and Pansies and Roses.

You can click on these links and you will be whisked to the shop – it all amazes me!

Pansy and Violets

Violet and Pansy Biscornu

Tomorrow I am off to discuss some more great ideas for this web site and I have you lot to thank for this – always having ideas….. Thanks to  all of you.

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I must admit to discussing retirement and also saying that I thought at this rate I was unlikely to be ...

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