April 5th, 2015

Hellebore Heaven

I thought you would like to see some of our Hellebore plants this year.

Also known as Christmas Roses, they are a personal favourite and I have been collecting various versions of these lovely early spring flowers for some years.




You see the variety of coloured centres and the variations or colour palettes in the more common varieties.


This selection are in a raised bed which means you can actually see the details in the flowers

Hellebore chart

This single Hellebore chart is shown in Madeira threads.

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I've got these in my garden too. A lovely splash of colour AND the rabbits don't touch them!

Latest comment by: Alison Ormiston on 10-4-2015 at 15:30:37

April 3rd, 2015

The Wildflower Workbox

I thought you would like to see an example of the Workbox,  this time stitched by our Member, Mary Charman who now resides in France – Mary has made a wonderful job of working and adapting the design, adding another tool case and a Bit Box as well as the extra pockets in the linings. The Wildflower Work Box is now available as a complete kit from the web site


 The Completed Work Box


The box open showing the contents

The Wildflower Work Box is now available as a complete kit from the web site -

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Wow, thanks Jane. Didn't mean it to be that public! A superb design which was an absolute delight to stich ...

Latest comment by: Mary Charman on 3-4-2015 at 23:24:21

March 21st, 2015

A Day off Together…..

Lodge Park

Lodge Park

My husband Bill and I had a date today! I know it sound crazy but when you work together it is possible to be ships that pass…….We have had a very busy time since Christmas and planned today to be unplanned…...
A late start to the day, coffee and porridge and then off to Lodge Park, a National Trust property less than ten miles from our home. Restored in 1995, it was both a surprise and a joy. Built as a grandstand to watch Deer Coursing in the 17th century it is real Cotswold gem.

Great room

The Great Room

This beautiful room, now fully restored, opens on to a large balcony where Crump Dutton’s guests would gamble on events below. The magnificent fire place is a replica and was added only a few years ago. The views from the balcony are lovely and from the roof even better. We had lunch out and then went to visit our chums, David and Jan Cohen who have run Burford Needlecraft for ever and are retiring on Easter Saturday. We wish them a long and busy retirement! It is thought that Burford Needlecraft will continue but who knows…………fingers crossed!

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Looks lovely. Hope you had a restful day.

Latest comment by: Mary Charman on 3-4-2015 at 23:31:43

March 19th, 2015

Some wonderful stitched samples from Sweden!

Stitching progress & Janes books & Flower Book kitted up

Anette Hammarsten from Sweden – Long time CSG Member

I am so grateful to Anette for sending me these images and for allowing us to show them. She, as you can see, is a very talented stitcher and makes lovely items from her finished pieces. I am going to let the stitching speak for itself!

Strawberry Book Progress

 The almost completed Strawberry Book

Pearl Floss Box side

Dear Little Pearl Box

The Needlebook and tape measure

As you can see, Anette is a wonderful stitcher -  In the picture above, she has adapted the violets from the needlebook to fit the tape measure. I must admit to feeling very pleased with myself as she has been a staunch fan for years – I do appreciate seeing finished stitching……..

March 18th, 2015

The barn this evening……

I wanted to show you what the barn looks like when the evening sun is pouring in from the west. This where I hold my classes although I have to arrange the furniture a little differently to accommodate my students. This time last year, we had a disaster area where the piano now stands. Martin, my wonderful carpenter did everything he could to make this exercise bearable but the weather was dreadful and we had no roof! This is what it looks like now! We just love this space and because of the oak used in the construction, it looks quite old and in character.


Bill’s pride and joy, the new piano, was bought to replace our old baby grand which had been built in 1922 and did not like living in a drafty old barn. It was bought from Coach House Pianos  and I cannot recommend them high enough. The whole process was a joy – the only problem was having a water tight room….


One dry weekend  and the roof timbers went up

barn 1

My little courtyard garden took a bit of a beating!

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, it really was worth it in the end. If I am lucky with the weather this weekend, I am going to work in the courtyard and sort my little greenhouse ready to plant begonias and  start some flowers of in seed trays. At the moment we have a lovely show of Hellebore (Christmas roses) and I have noticed some little seedlings that need attention. I will try to get some pictures of their faces – just perfect….

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